Homegrown Hops 2013

My hops are out there on the bine just drying up and blowing away.  They actually grew pretty well this year.  Didn't fertilize them or really care for them all that much.  So nothing ventured nothing gained.

My father on the other hand took just about the same approach and well his went crazy.  He lives at a higher elevation and planted them in a well drained soil.  Tons and tons of Cascade hops from one three year old plant.  So, we just chopped down a few bines and put them up in the garage attic to dry.

His success could be the soil and the climate.  Could also be the maturity of the plant.  Mine did well on the third year too.  We'll see next year.

I'm not worried about oxidation.  Not worried about anything really.  I figure I'll use them for dry hopping or late in the boil sometime.  The last few batches I did turned out great this way.

Share your homegrown hop stories with us.


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