Low risk brewing after the hiatus...

Started cleaning out the brew garage.  I'll wait while you recover from the shock of that statement.

Feeling better?  OK

Seriously, it looks like brewing is on the agenda again.  Every so many years I need a break, but, I have a few annual commitments I brew for and hopefully that will get me back in the swing of things.

I have plenty of ingredients.  I'm thinking of something quick and easy with low alchohol, but flavorful.  Back to the old english ale yeast I think.  Will have to dig into the freezer for those hops I bought last year or the ones from the year before.  The first brew after a hiatus always comes with some experimentation.  The hops may have faded a bit, I might be a bit rusty and I want it NOW!

In the back of my head I have some ideas about upcoming brews once I get dialed in again.
  • elderberries
  • my first sour beer
  • saison
  • lots of low ABV stuff
  • local honey
  • some braggot in the distant future with local unfiltered unpasteurized cider
  • my Dad's hops
  • my hops from last year
  • choke cherries

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