A Winter Solstice Story: The partial mash brew kit from Midwest arrived!

I have been asked by Midwest if I would like to review one of their kits and well, since they sent it to me for free.  What the heck.  This is the first in a series of posts reviewing their product.  Now where were we?

It was a cool Winter's night about a week before the Solstice.  Had just finished typing to the rep from Midwest, "no it hasn't arrived yet".  The dogs were bothering me.  Barked at them a bit and hit send.  I thought, "Was that the delivery guy?".  I sprang to the front door to see what was the matter.  And there it was in the cool LED glow of our holiday decorations, a brown box that said "FRAGILE" (say Fraj-eel-aaa).  Italian I think.  Decided to bring it in anyway and here is what I found.

A brand spankin' new Dubbel 'em Up partial mash kit with the following;
6 lb. Belgian Pils malt
3.3 lb. Light Malt Extract
1/4 lb. Aromatic
1/4 lb. Biscuit
1 lb. Light Candi Sugar
1 oz. Hallertau
1 oz. Saaz pellet hops
priming sugar
Wyeast Activator pack of Ardennes yeast was included which would be optional when ordering I think.
It wasn't a lamp in the shape of a woman's leg, but, something much better.  Something I can use.  Something that could transform into a beautiful elixir of magical wonder, fermentables and stuff to ferment with.

Now I just need to set a day to brew :-)  And clear a path to my brewing stuff in the garage.  And clean out a carboy.  And probably get rid of that infected beer that's been out there for a while. And...

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