Advice: Homebrew Gift Ideas 2012 Edition

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How the heck do you buy for a homebrewer?  Where do you buy?  What are all of those weird things they use?

First, if I were you I would look into buying something at the local homebrew store if possible.  Typically these folks are very knowledgeable.  They depend on a healthy local homebrew culture.  That means you.  Also, good local businesses are good for your local economy.  The American Homebrewers Association lists shops who have registered with them.  You can also try a search in Google Maps.

For online purchases go here for general Amazon Homebrew Stuff.  There are many other online retailers you may find useful as well.  Also, there are tons of websites about homebrewing out there.

If you want my advice on what to buy, try any of the suggestions below or make requests in the comments.  I'll do my best to steer you in the right direction.

Zymurgy Magazine Subscription -  I find reading something that isn't on a screen enjoyable every now and then.  This magazine has been there since the early days and something you'll find many homebrewers subscribe through.

Cornelius Keg CO2 Charger  - For the homebrewer who kegs, but, doesn't want to take the whole CO2 canister.  My Dad uses one to serve out of keg I refill for him.

New 2.5 Gallon Ball Lock Keg  -  Just purchased two similar to these.  Much easier to transport than 5 gal kegs.  Definitely more expensive than a reconditioned keg, but, that's why somebody ought to buy one for that special homebrewer.

2.5 Gallon Mini Draft System (New Keg) - Nice little package of the charger and keg together with spigot.  I used a setup like this at my Mom's holiday party over Thanksgiving.

The Carbonater - A used soda bottle with the standard PET size screw top and one of these and you can carbonate anything.  Helpful for taking some beer with you and keeping it fresh and  pressurized with CO2.  Makes it possible to save smaller amounts of homebrew.  Also allows you to try different carbonation levels with your beer.  LOVE this thing.

Regular 5/16" Auto-Siphon  -  Makes it easy to transfer beer to and from containers.  Really makes life easier.

Taylor 1470 Digital Cooking Thermometer/Timer  -  Magnetic back, long tether, simple, effective, accurate ... sure I'd like something fancier, but, this was cheap and is more than adequate.

The Complete Joy of Homebrewing Third Edition - Think of it as a Wikipedia article for everything about homebrew, before the Internet.  There are other books.  I have them.  None of them have the character and authenticity of Mr Papazian.

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