Starting a brewery...not so fast...

Before an empty room in the township building we presented our case to the board.  We were seeking a special exception to the zoning ordinance for residential neighborhoods for a home occupation, a brewery.  After about an hour of answering questions our request was turned down.  Needless to say we are disappointed, but, it wasn't unexpected.  Everything seemed to focus around manufacturing in a residential area.

So, it seems our dream is put on hold for now.  A big thank you to those of you who wished us luck :-)  The silver lining, we can still make homebrewed beer.


Anonymous said...

I know all about the trials and tribulations that come along with opening a small brewery as I'm going through the process right now. It's unfortunate that your were shot down by the town, however even if the town had approved the project, the TTB does not allow for commercial breweries to be run out of a residence. Don't give up just yet, keep working at it.

Adam said...

Thanks Anonymous.

I knew about the TTB rule and well, there are a few places that have managed to do it. Even here in PA, so I was hopeful.

For now, I'll just keep homebrewing :-)