Picking Cascade hops in Western Pennsylvania...

If these Cascade plants are any indication the Allegheny Mountains might be a good climate for growing hops.  My father's plants are covered in cones.  The location is up on a hill with well drained soil, lots of sun and pretty consistent breeze.  As you can see from the photo this isn't a very tall planting.  I think the vinyl fence is about six feet tall.  The only care given to these was some mulch.  No pruning back at the bottom of the bine.  No extra watering.  Fairly dry Spring and Summer too.  Some minor damage from Japanese Beetles.

We picked only the ones that were ready or close enough about a pound I think.  We didn't weigh them..  Should be enough for the flavoring/aroma additions in the next batch of beer.  Maybe I'll use them green/fresh instead of drying them.

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