Berliner Weisse brew session draft 1.0

Hope you enjoyed Mr. Peek and his dancin' man. LOL  Something I ran across while looking up some music to learn.

I'll use this space to plan my next beer, something like a berliner weisse. Grain bill will be American two row with some German wheat malt. Hops will be negligible. Beersmith will help me with that calculation. Yeast will be lactobacillus either from some uncrushed grain or from a White Labs vial. 

By the way I added links to the resource page here.


Draft 1.0

Day Before
  • Write recipe
  • Prepare yeast starters
  • Grow up for as long as necessary
  • Clean brewery in preparation for brew day
Brew Day
  • condition grain with water (maybe, still debating continuing to do this)
  • mill grain
  • heat water in HLT
  • mash in
  • hold at temp
  • heat sparge water in HLT
  • sparge * run into kettle
  • cool down to 115
  • need to boil this at some point huh
  • innoculate wort with lacto
  • wait 48 hours
  • taste wort to see if it is acidic enough every 8 hours or so
  • keep around 105 - 115 for lacto to work best
  • when ready, chill to 70 for yeast pitch
  • rack into fermenters
  • finish with US05
  • check gravity over next few days
  • keg or bottle

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