Saison kegged and waiting...

A couple days ago I kegged the Saison.  It looks more like a Whit with all that yeast still in suspension heheh, but, even with the yeast, it still tastes good.   With temperatures hitting the mid to upper 90s and the garage being in the 80s, I don't have a way to cold crash it right now, so I might put together my fermentation chamber today or hook up an old kegerator temporarily.  (It uses too much electricity so I've been avoiding using it.)

Need to plan the next brew.  Will probably be the same recipe, but, with a lower mash temperature for a more fermentable beer.  Might try a different yeast this time or split the batch.  The T-58 is very nice with fruity esters and very slight peppery flavors, but, I'd like to push the envelop a bit more.

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