First all grain batch, a saison, is fermenting...

Now that I'm a pro-brewer, I have to brew like the big boys.  You know with grain.

All joking aside.  It's been a long time coming.  Never seemed to find the time to do it.  I think it's kinda like getting used to an old 35 mm camera and not wanting to learn how to use a new digital camera.  It is going to be worth it, but, somehow there's just not enough time.

Well, I found the time.  Simple recipe of Two Row and Wheat malt mashed around 148 F.  Using sanke type keg electric hot liquor tank, insulated mash/lauter tun and keggle.  Took way longer than it should have.  I kind of expected that though.  Lots of lessons to be learned and changes to be made for the next run.

So far so good.  The fermentation is vigorously churning away in two carboys.  I think I'll go check on it.

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