All Grain, Parti-Gyle and the origin of some words...

A not so innocent bystander asked, while I was buying a bag of American Two-Row malt at Artisan Homebrew, "So you're a professional all grain brewer now?  Are you going to post that on your blog?"  Well, yes I am.  Although I still need a grain mill and should actually have a batch under my belt first, right?  Eh, isn't having the grain sitting in my hallway good enough?  I mean it's just beer.  I'll post a picture of my pet bag o malt later.  I think we will call him Doughballs.  Speaking of whom, I better check on him.  I think he's lonely over there.  Poor guy.

So, have you heard about this Parti-Gyle thing?  You know where you mash your grain, er malted grain and use the first runnings for a high gravity beer and the second runnings for a smaller beer?  I guess I've known about it for a long time, but, now that I'm a "professional all grain brewer" I can try it.  (need a shorter way to say professional all grain brewer...hmmm PAGB, pro-agb, AGPB... I'll keep working on that.  Too much thinking.  I'm tired).

Anyway, if you want to read something interesting and informative about this gyle thing, check out Randy Mosher's article in Brewing Techniques.  It's from all the way back in 1994 when I was drinking stuff like Molson and didn't even know about homebrew.  A time when Ace of Base topped the charts with The Sign.  Lucky for you, Randy's article isn't anything like those things I just mentioned.  Pay close attention to what he says about the origin of the terms triple, double and single.

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