A Duel. That's right Mr. Beer.

Warning this post is much too long and I enjoyed writing it way too much.

Just like Buddy's kindly owner, I too received a brown box in the mail...er UPS (pronounced ups not U..P..S).  I had been calmly expecting it actually.  A week ago I guess, a nice lady contacted me asking if I would be interested in reviewing one of these here Mr. Beer Premium Edition Home Microbrewery Systems.  While reading the email from her, I was very pleased that something had finally come of my blogging efforts, success at last.  I mean some bloggers make gobs of money, but, I got something that can make beer.  The story doesn't end here though.  I haven't explained the Duel.

As I do everyday, I visited The Interweb/The Facebook and noticed Mr Curtin's rss feed from his Liquid Diet blog manifested yet another news item via that Facebook Networked Blogs syndication app thingy.  It truly is a complicated world we live in.  Be that as it may, my daily routine rely's on it.  So I clicked on it and jumped to his site.  Long story short, I felt a little bummed.  I mean, he got one too.  Then he proceeded to write a witty post with color pictures.  Threatened as I was, I could only do one thing.  That's right.

So I did it.  I challenged him to a duel.  Not a duel with pistols, a duel with Mr. Beer Premium Edition Home Microbrewery Systems (MBPEHMS), a duel nonetheless.  At first my compatriots were not impressed.  This sort of thing happens around here all the time.

After mentioning Mr. Curtin, things changed at once.  I can only assume Buddy's been talking.  Anyway Jake and Ladybug were clearly enraged.  Ladybug went right to work and, well, Jake joined in a bit later.

After removing, sorting, relocating, arranging the contents of the package and picking up those crazy plastic bottles every time they fell heheh...they verified that yes we do indeed have a MBPEHMS.
(Real barrels not included.)

Took a picture for youns/yinz/youse. (its hard to write for a wide audience)  I'll be needing some moral support during the weeks leading up to what might ultimately be the demise of The NonconFERMist.  Sounds exciting don't it?!  Stay tuned er don't unsubscribe, don't unfriend, don't stop following my tweets.  Who am I kidding.  You were probably only here to find out what happens when beer freezes.

More to come :-)


Mike said...

Good luck! You can actually brew some good stuff from that little guy. Just stay away from the actual Mr. Beer instructions and ingredients and you're all set hehe.

Adam said...

Heheh...not sure of the rules yet, but, it wouldn't be fair to use other ingredients this time around.

Now, next time well that's a different story :-)