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Mike said...

What is a reasonable amount of water for steeping grains and boiling hops?

I'm going to be doing my first non-Mr Beer brew, but still using the 2.14 gallon fermenter. My plan was to use 1 gallon of water to steep some specialty grains and do a 60 minute hop boil. Then at the end of the boil I plan to add 3.3lb of LME.

I want to use the gallon so I don't lose a ton of water during the boil.

Should I be aware of any grain:water ratios or any other concerns?

Bonus question: is it OK to add more water during the boil if you notice you're losing a lot to steam?

Adam said...

Thanks for stopping by Mike. Since you asked some really good questions. I'm posting your question and answer as a full blog post.

Here's the answer to your question.