Join the American Homebrewers Association...

Found myself at the AHA website and thought.  Why don't I have a link to their signup page here somewhere.  Well I'll have to remedy that.  I'll add a link to the right sidebar too.

As a member you receive the following. I'd have to say Zymurgy and the Pub Discount are enough to cover your membership.

  • Zymurgy magazine
  • Members-Only resources! Commercial Calibration and Ask the Experts are available online exclusively to AHA members.
  • Pub Discount Program*
  • AHA Rallies
  • AHA National Homebrewers Conference
  • AHA National Homebrew Competition
  • Great American Beer Festival℠ Members-Only Tasting Session & Entrance
  • Great American Beer Festival℠ Pro-Am Competition
  • AHA Club-Only Competitions
  • Book Discounts
  • Lallemand Scholarship

Get more details by clicking on the "join" button above.

BTW...I think I let mine lapse!  Kinda par for the course if you know me ;-)  I think I'll click on that link myself.