Happy New Year! A few reflections...

Looking back on 2010 leaves me with the impression that I have much to be thankful for in my personal life and professional life. Some things didn't go as planned, but, then again that can be a good thing. Some reflections about homebrewing...
  • The epoxy is on the Brew Garage floor.  Yay!
  • More carboys and kegs were purchased at a good price.
  • Whole leaf hops at a good price.
  • Elderberries from Dad.
  • Failed remote crop of Hops due to dry weather and lack of attention :-(
  • Parts for the electric brew kettle purchased.
  • Less brews than I expected this year, but, I think I needed a break.
  • Made some vinegar from apple cider, accidentally ;-)
  • Small supply of homegrown hops from the backyard.
Looking forward...
  • Can we improve on the remote hops field this year?
  • Put together that electric brew kettle.
  • Organize the Brew Garage
  • Brew in the Brew Garage, duh!
So, here's to a great 2011!  May you all get what you need and be pleasantly surprised a few times ;-)

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