Settling down just in time...

Yes, I'm settling down just in time for bed. The Just in Time Black Ale also shows signs of settling down. The yeast is falling out of suspension for both the dry US04 and the liquid WLP002. By the time Thanksgiving rolls around it will be ready to keg :-)

Tasting will have to wait until next week. Very busy. Hopefully neither have off flavors from pitching too little yeast. The WLP002 took about 24 hours to get going. On the other hand the US04 only took a few hours. Funny how they are almost even right now after a few days. I always feel more comfortable repitching on a yeast cake, but no time for that this time around. Hey, I'm just happy to have yeast that clears so quickly :-)

Here's to all you just in time brewers out there. Cheers!

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