Just in Time Black Ale update: Dry yeast rules the day! Dry hopping will help too.

So the Just in Time Black Ale (more of a dark brown really) split itself into two different English Ale Yeast batches.  Kegged 'em both tonight.  The Safale US04 and the Whilelabs WLP002.  I have to tell you, out of the gate the US04 kicks this vial of WLP002's ass.  Its clearer and has less off flavors.  Of course this is just a random circumstance.  To really pit the two against each other I'd need to ensure the proper pitching rates and make a starter.  On the other hand how many homebrewers use a starter?  Think about it.  IMHO a good dry packet of yeast is the way to go for all beginners.

So how will I cover up or compliment some of the undesirable flavors that the WLP002 is giving off in this young beer?  Hops of course.  Yep, I'm dry hopping with some whole leaf Amarillo.  Cross your fingers!

Of course I could just sit the kegs in the basement for a month and they would likely taste much better, but, I don't have time for all that.  So, lets see what Mom's friends think of this "dark beer".  Its just a little different from the recipe and technique used over the past few years, but, it's dark and well some people just don't like them thare dark beers.


tom foley said...

>On the other hand how many homebrewers use a starter? <

Hand raised.

Adam said...

Took a while, but, I finally saw this comment Tom.

I suppose I should have said "How many beginner homebrewers use a starter?"

I wouldn't argue starters are not necessary. They are very necessary to a good batch of beer.

On the other hand lazy procrastinators like me are always looking for shortcuts. Don't tell my Mom.