First judging experience...

So, what was it like? Well, it was kinda like trying to keep up with the Jones' and expressing your dissent at the same time. I needed more time and some space to really work through all these beers, but, alas we didn't have days we only had hours.

On the plus side, I tasted things like sasafras, coffee, cinnamon, hops, butterscotch, honey and well all kinds of stuff that may or not may not be good in a competition. In fact I really enjoyed all the different flavors. Well, 90% of them ;-)

I learned something too. I'm not good at articulating what I don't like. I felt like the other judges really nailed the flavor and I just didn't have the words for it. I also learned that I didn't like one of the beers that everbody just loved. I wonder why. I don't like being the odd one out. Wait, maybe I do. LOL

Anyway, thanks to Artisan Homebrew and Iron Hill for their hospitality.

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