Electric Home Brewing Resources

I've been thinking alot about going electric.  Why?  I'll be able to brew in my garage out of the cold winter weather with less worry about setting things on fire and ventilation.  I'll be putting together a list of resources in this post for your reference.  If you have some you would like to share post a comment.

Here's my current plan...

Brew Kettle
5500 watt water heater element
240v electric, 30 amp breaker, 10 guage wire
use an existing keggle

How will I control the boil?
How will I get the power to my garage?

Some resources you may find helpful... (just links for now, descriptions soon)

A few good posts in this thread...

My favorite thread at Home Brew Talk.  Thread started by The Pol.

Brewery.org reminds us that this kinda thing ain't new ;-)

Can you say detailed?  Many people cite C.D. Prichard as their inspiration and guide....


Jeff Bearer said...

I'm doing the same thing.

I'm running a home made 10/3 extension cable from my laundry room to the garage.

I'm working on using an arduino to do be my hlt thermostat.


using this relay:

The thing is to be 'safe' I probably need 2 relays to kill both hots when I want them off, otherwise a ground fault would send 120v back in the ground.

As far as a GFCI, if you find me a reasonably priced one, let me know! I've seen one for like $400.

The thing I'm trying to do now, is figure out a better design for a heat stick. I'd prefer a head stick so I can move it to the vessel that needs it. but the current design is chincy and I'd like something a little more robust that I can use the threads on the element and the 1" nut and gasket:


the problem is 1.5" stainless pipe is expensive. and 1.5" copper would need soldered closed probably damaging the wires inside...

I may just heat all 3 vessels but that raises my cost, mostly on the boxes, cords and plugs x3.

Adam said...

Well thanks for speakin' up.

I did some searching for a GFCI 30 AMP and found something from leviton made for spas. Not sure about it yet though.

Yeah, I'm just working on the kettle right now.

One step at a time.

Keep us posted and I'll continue to document my progress here.