Electric Brew Kettle Parts List

Warning I am not an electrician.  I do not recommend using this list to build anything.

This is just a rough list from memory.  I'll refine it as I go.

20 ft of flexible 3/10 cable
5500 watt heater element
wet location switch cover
electrical box for switch
30 amp toggle switch
30 amp electrical plug
30 amp electrical receptical
JB Weld
JB Weld Kwik Stick (not sure if I can use this)
1" PVC coupling

Need to buy
GFCI breaker or something on cord
step drill bit for 1' 3/8" hole
stainless steel nut for holding element in place
high temp gasket for between nut and wall of kettle

NOTE:  I am not recommending building this.  Electricity is dangerous.


Jeff Bearer said...
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Jeff Bearer said...

where did you get the 30a switch? Just so you know it should be a double pole single throw switch for the 240v with the 2 hot leads. Or at least one non-electrician speaking to another.

Adam said...

Hi Jeff,

Lowes, it's a 30A double pole. I was surprised they had it. Thanks for the suggestion. I'll be double checking everything now that I have it home.

Maybe I should say triple checking :-)