A stout with cherries...

That's what my neighbor Bryan keeps telling me he is going to brew. Again, while I was brewing over the weekend he comes up with his camera snooping around and talking about this delicious cherry stout he has the ingredients for (that's right). Normally I would believe him, but, it's been at least a year since I first heard of the plan. He should really spend more time brewing instead of documenting my brewing habits. (or should I say re-emerging habit)

I know I have nice hands and that's a nifty garbage can heat shield, not to mention the double coil immersion chiller, but a man must have priorities.

(Everybody repeat after me now, or maybe just leave a comment or two on his blog.)

Brew the Stout
Brew the Stout
Brew the Stout


Threepwood said...

Cherry stout sounds like a great idea but I founf it harder to pull off in practice. I tried a cherry stout earlier this year and the results are disappointing (to say the least), an average stout with a medicinal wine-y tang to it. Proceed with care :-)

With the benefit of stuffing it up once I think that if I did another one that I would be looking for some way to bring out a cherry aroma, rather than flavour.

Hopefully you will have greater success.

Adam said...

Thanks, I'll have to pass that along to Bryan.

Sounds like he might want to watch the astringency from dark malts. Hmmm...seems to be a theme lately.

Alistair Reece said...

I've been playing with the idea of a black cherry imperial milk stout (1 year in the States and I am mangling styles like a pro!), even calling it schwarzwaldkirschebier!

Adam said...

Hmmm...sounds interesting.

Must be something in the water over here.

Bryan Kolesar said...

nothing like a little beer pressure to give me a kickstart. Let's see how that goes :-o

Adam said...

Brew pressure is more like it, but, that doesn't sound as good.

I can taste those cherries now. You should probably just break them out and make a pie.