Still thinking about that homebrew...

...just so you know. Wheat malt will be in it. There will be a distinct hoppy nose to it. It will be around 4% abv. I will use Safale 05 dry yeast. I'm shooting for an easy drinking beer with a nice nose and a clean refreshing finish.

I'll have to see what steeping grains I have available. Since others will be drinking this I might try to keep it light and just compliment the flavor profile rather than make it look and taste darker.

Or...I could go for something hoppy, flavorful, dark and low abv!

I have honey and Belgian candy syrup, however, they're best used to increase abv and complementing a delicately balanced beer. I also have wormwood, elderflowers and licorice root, but, might not have enough time to really get the most out of these ingredients. This is for Labor Day. Maybe some licorice root in the keg? Hmmm....

Always interested in others opinions.

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