I gotta get outta here...

Yeah, I'm sitting in front of the computer. I should be checking on my Black PA. Black...Pale...Ale...hmmm maybe I should call it a Black not so Pale Ale? Right, gotta go check on it. I'll be back.

While you're waiting. I'll catch you up. I brewed an extract brew that was based on a pale ale recipe I brewed the weekend before with the substitution of black & chocolate steeping malts instead of caramel/crystal malts. Also used the last of my homegrown hops from last year for finishing hops.

I'm just waiting for it to ferment, then I'll transfer it into a keg and serve it on Labor Day. I've already transferred the pale ale. This will give me an opportunity to serve them side by side and see what people think about the differences in taste. I also brewed extra so I could do something special with one of the Black PA kegs. Maybe some licorice root, some more intense dry hopping, probably not wormwood, elder flowers would probably be eclipse by the flavor profile, honey? Who knows?

Oh right, time to check on the Black PA in the carboy/demijohn/fermenter...

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