Do you have a local homebrew store?

I do. It's always good to stop by and see what's going on. I usually stop by for ingredients, but, I also like to hear about events and a beer that Mike or one of the customers has brewed.


Alistair Reece said...

We have a couple of them here in Charlottesville. Fifth Season is probably were I go most often for those things I forget from Northern Brewer or Rebel Brewer. Went in a couple of weeks ago to discover they were a drop off point for the Dominion Cup, saved myself a 2 hour drive the next day to get my entries in!

Adam said...

Can't beat the convenience factor if there's one near by. Use to have one less than a mile away, but, didn't stick around :-( Now I have one within 15 mins, Artisan Homebrew.