When, what to my wondering eyes should appear?

But a miniature brewery and two neighbors making beer.
With a turn of the mash paddle in wort that was thick.
I knew in a moment it wan't a trick.
More rapid than eagles I ran through the rain.
But, not before I poured a pint of brew that was calling my name.
"Hey Patty, Hey Bryan so that's what you're doin'. Your brewin' beer."

Wow, they really did it. They brewed the cherry stout.

-Nosy Neighbor


Bryan Kolesar said...

"something" happened under that tent. In another week or so, we might begin to find out just what the heck it was. My head's still spinning.....

(p.s. thanks again for the encouragement and the hand in cleaning up....invaluable!)

Adam said...

You're quite welcome. Heheh...just remember how great your saison was :-)