Collaboration: Help me, help you, make beer.

Yep, I'm sittin' here thinking about those days when I used to brew months ago. Yes, "used to brew". I've been "in a lull" as a friend of mine put it. Been focusing on other stuff I susppose.

Do you want to help me get started again? Maybe we can help each other. Is there something new your've been wanting to brew, but something is holding you back? Have you been searching the internet for somebody who's already brewed it?

I could be that person. Leave a comment with a suggestion for my next brew. I'll log everything here on this site for everybody to follow along.



Anonymous said...

Recently, I've been brewing with some local honey - the challenge is to keep as much of the honey aroma as possible in the finished beer.

It's not the right time of year, but the other brewing idea that I find exciting is brewing with maple sap instead of water.

(counting down the days til Cooperstown)

Adam said...

Ahhh...Belgium Comes to Cooperstown :-) Don't think I'll be there this year.

I've use local honey in my cider. Even when there's no heat involved it's tough to detect in the finisded product.

Maple sap sounds really interesting. I wonder if I could get 5 gallons from the tree in the back yard?

Bryan Kolesar said...

Interesting that you guys bring up maple sap. Here's a beer description from Butternuts that they say they're bringing to this year's BCTC.

Trappist Ale: Brewed with 75% maple sap. The sap is soured lending a blue cheese mold aroma.