Philly Beer Week iPhone app doesn't suck :-)

At long last we have an iPhone app for Philly Beer Week. Remember my mashup of Mr Brew Lounge's spreadsheet and google maps last year? Well, now I don't have to do all that work, for the most part anyway. First impressions follow...
  • I like the colors and the wood theme.
  • It is a free app :-)
  • Seems like there's a twitter feed from Philly Beer Week piped into it. Just double tap to see the tweets.
  • You can save your favorite events for planning purposes. I can't, however, seem to only see my favorite events on the map.
  • Looks like you can lookup any event and get info about it, including a phone number that will dial if you touch it. Left a message on the answering machine at Exton Beverage just for fun :-)
  • Tap on a pushpin and map the event and use those nifty multi-touch pinch gestures.
  • It is location aware and apparently will find the events closest to you if you are wandering around looking for something. Pretty cool.
  • If location is no matter then choose "soonest" and to see what is coming up ...er soon.
  • Lookup events by brewery
  • Lookup events by venue (I like)
  • Lookup by neighborhood. (Don't cha just like the sound of that?)
  • View a calendar list of all events or just your favs.
  • ...and last but not least a Flyers playoff schedule is hidden away under the "more" button :-)
  • Many of the features are available on the opening summary screen just scroll down.
  • I'm sure I missed something, but, time for bed.
Nice job developers. Keep up the good work!

Link to iTunes web page for the app.

Edit: Added a couple other features to the list, fixed typos and added the link to the web page.


Lew Bryson said...

My only complaint -- and it's really more a suggestion -- is that if they're going to set you up for a kind of "I'm free, where can I go now?" thing, it would have been nice to be able to filter by "pay as you go." Otherwise? Nice app!

Adam said...

Good point. Never thought of that. Your planned and paid for events are likely places you would have scoped out. The last minute in between opportunities are where you need some assistance.

You know this app should really be turned into, or a launching point for something to be used all year around. Picture this...

tourist or business person visiting
looking for a good beer
pops out the smartphone
taps PhillyBeer
map pops up with pushpins
abstract/reviews of each bar around

Walks a few blocks or gets info about public transportation and before you know it she is standing in front of Monks and the business trip is all full of Philly Beer culture. :-)

I am getting ahead of myself...