I've updated my brewing tools links...

Find these items at your local homebrew store like Artisan Homebrew. I have also included links to Amazon via associate referrals. In most cases I own the exact product I link to. I also have some links to other online stores here as well.

~The Complete Joy of Home Brewing
~Brew Pot
~Long Spoon
~Taylor Digital Cooking Thermometer/Timer
~Mesh Bags for Steeping Grain
~Digital Kitchen Scales
~Oxo Good Grips Medium Silicone Spatula
~Auto Siphon Pump for Beer or Wine
~5 Gallon Glass Carboy For Beer or Wine Making
~Airlock & Bung
~CO2 Setup
~Picnic Taps
~Bayou Classic KAB4 High Pressure Banjo Cooker
~Beer or Wine Carboy Hauler

If you've been following you'll note that I've taken an interest in cider making. This book covers making cider, using a barrel, growing apples, cultivars, pressing, etc. So far I'm really enjoying it.

~ Cider: Making, Using & Enjoying Sweet & Hard Cider, Third Edition

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