Cider specific gravity unknown, adding fermentables...

...because, I just haven't been down to check it. I'm expecting it to be below 1.010 and falling. Now's the time to add more fermentables. At least for me it is time. You can add them any time you like. I have an semi-open fermenter and want the CO2 to keep being produced so it pushes the oxygen away and prevents the wrong creatures from turning my cider into vinegar. Things I have in mind...
  • basswood honey from Northern Brewer
  • belgian candi sugar syrup
  • organic cane sugar
  • sugar in the raw
  • table sugar
Of course I'll need to make some space for this stuff. I have...
  • carboys (glass and better bottles)
  • soda kegs
  • used 4 gal liquid malt jerry cans

Type to you later :-)

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