Added favorite news reader items to sidebar...

I use a news reader to keep up to speed on the happenings in a few areas. I mark the interesting ones so I can go back to them later if necessary. Truth be told I don't really ever go back to them. (well, maybe once or twice) So, I thought that maybe others would find these items interesting too. Maybe that will justify my clicking on the little like button. Or not, you never know.

The topic included are...
  • smattering of homebrew related blog postings from over 50 blogs
  • occasional craft beer related posts from a select few blogs
  • computer related stuff from SlashDot
  • posts from LifeHacker blog (computers, self-help, life, etc.)
  • interesting gadgets from Cool Tools blog
  • select items from Hacker News
  • maybe a good buy or two
  • etc.

So, if you're interested, check out the sidebar. If you want to follow it directly in your reader, here's the Atom feed.

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