Poll: What kind of hop growing crowd do we have here at Beer Bits 2?

Come take the poll find out how many readers grow hops or want to learn more about growing hops.Do you want to grow hops? Now is the time to start planning. Hop rhizomes are now available to purchase online and perhaps at your local homebrew store. Check the sidebar for some more reading material. It includes a quick overview and sixteen hop growing resources for you. Just in case you can't find it in the sidebar here it is for your convenience;
Hops Growing Resources.
Don't hesitate to ask questions in the comments or email me.


Anonymous said...

Planted two rhizomes two years ago (Cascade and Magnum), however only one survived. This summer will be the 3rd that it's been in the ground, so with any luck I'll be harvesting some homegrown hops this autumn! Next step is to grow my own barley... Think I'll put that off for a little while though.

Adam said...

Good luck!

The guys on Basic Brewing radio tried to grow their own barley. Not sure if they harvested it or not.