November Fermentation Friday Announced!

So Just Another Booze Blog let the cat out of the bag. Yep, they're ready to go as the host of November's Fermentation Friday. This month is a bit tricky though. Why? Well, here in the States we're celebrating Thanksgiving the same week. Which means people will travel and the focus might stray from blogging. (spoken by the truely distractable, me) SO, feel free to post anytime that week.

Also, I'm not sure what a JABB care package is, but, you'll get one if your website refers the most visits to Just Another Booze Blog's site from now to the new year :-) Truth be told, these here Fermentation Friday blog carnivals are all about the referrals after all. Not that we're breakin' any records yet.

Oh yeah, the topic is all about your homebrew community. That's right, you get to write about the folks involved in yer neck of the woods. Thanks Just Another Booze Blog.

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