Cider: Have you made it before?

Yeah, I'm taking the plunge. I have a batch fermenting right now. The details...
5 gallons of unpasteurized sweet cider from a local cidery (I guess that's what their called)
1 carboy & airlock
1 packet of Safale s.04 yeast
1 lb of locally collected honey from Exton Bee Company

Estimated O.G. at 1.050 (1.044 + .07 for the honey)
My plan is to let it ferment down to 1.015 and taste it. Once I get it where I like it I'll keg it and cold crash it. I'm thinking that might slow down the fermentation enough for me to share it with friends and family for the holiday.

Here's some good reading on the subject.

A thread giving nice overview of progressively more complex ways of making cider...

Couple people stating how they do it...

So have you made cider?


Hunington said...


Velky Al said...

I bottled our cider earlier this week, recipe similar to yours but minus the honey.

FG was 0.996 from 1.044, so 6.1%abv. It is now sitting in the cold storage room until April!

Adam said...

Thank Hunington & Velky Al,