If you are reading this in FriendFeed show me you exist. Click through.

I'm just curious to see if anybody from FriendFeed does that type of thing.

FriendFeed people click here to leave me a comment and tell me what you think...er prove you exist.

And now back to your regularly schedule programming. Yikes, I have to send those hops out to Bard's Basement Brew. I resolve to do it tonight, now, right now, when I say now I mean now, if I say something I mean it, unless its just for effect, in that case it really isn't that I mean it so much...aaargh...

No bloggers were killed during the production of this post.


Nici said...

Hi. I am here. I saw your comment on Friend Feed, and I enjoy your updates.

Adam said...

Whoohoo! FriendFeed people do exist :-)

Thanks Nici, much appreciated.