Dry Hop in Keg with Wire Mesh Tea Infuser Ball

I bought two of these at Walmart (cause it was open) for dry hopping the Garbage Pail Ale. One keg with Simcoe the other with Centennial. We'll see how it turns out.

Fill up the ball with hops, I'm using one ounce of pellets per five gallons, and drop it in the keg. Might try to hook it to the out valve stem (or whatever you call it).

I'll try to leaving the infusers in there for about a week.

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Velky Al said...

I have considered using those for doing my hop additions in the boil as a way to less the sludgy gunk I have to strain through when putting my wort into the carboy. Would be cool if a hop producer did "hop teabags" by the 1/4 oz.

Adam said...

Velky Al,

Tasted it today and well, the hops were not too present. I flipped the kegs upside down to get the tea steeping ball filled with hops pellets moving to the top and then back to the bottom.

I'll taste it again in a day or two to see how things are coming along. Stay tuned.