Ahhh...morning time...

It's a bit more elusive than first thought. Haven't sat in the morning sunlight typing my thoughts in a while.

What's been happening?

Artisan Homebrew store opened in Downingtown. Had some fun helping Mike get some last minute stuff done. Need to stop over there again.

Kegged 26 gallons of pale ale. Conditioning four in the basement right now. One is on tap in the fridge. Thinking of dry hopping two of these kegs so I can compare the difference. Maybe a dry hopped cask ale?

Still have to send out the homegrown hops to Bard's Basement brew, yikes!

The ingredients for my first all grain ingredients await me. Maybe this weekend.

Still enjoying the barleywine from the keg in the basement at room temp with just a bit of carbonation :-)

Oh yes, it's also Monday which means the Monday Night Tasting could be in order. Hmm...

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