Whoa! I'm sitting here again, and its early.

Yeah, so let me catch you up.
  • I'm one step closer to my first all grain batch. I have the equipment, the ingredients, a good book or two and some great advice from you. Now I just need the time.
  • Stopped at Keystone Homebrew to pickup the sparge arm and came away with lots of goodies including a faucet for my kegerator, some heather flowers, wormwood and placed an order for some elderberries.
  • Artisan homebrew is still planning to open in Downingtown in early October.
  • One of my kegs leaked CO2 and depleated the system and the bottle.
  • Hops still aren't picked in my backyard.
  • Oh right, I need to hold the drawing for the hop give away. I'm tellin' ya the kid is hard to track down this week. We'll get it done though.

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