What do you know, I'm sitting here again.

Coffee, breakfast, music and just enough time to blog about something two days in a row. Don't fall of your chair. One of my children actually said, "Daddy why are so weird today?" I believe she was talking about seeing me awake and acting silly (read silly and coherent), before she left for school. I don't know, but, I like it. Let's see how long it lasts.

Kegged the harvest IPA last night. Turned out to be more of a pale ale actually. This will definately be a session beer at 3.5% abv. I forgot that I wasn't boiling for a the full hour and using late malt additions. Which will serve as my excuse for adding too much water, way too much actually. Anyway, I used the home grown hops right at the end of the boil. I'll be interested to see how they affect the aroma once I get the beer carbonated and I lose the after effects of this cold. Maybe then I will be able to smell the beer a bit better.

What's up next on the brewing agenda? Could it be an all grain brewing session? Hell, I can't even get the water volume for an extract beer right! Not to worry, I'll figure something out. Not this weekend though. Family reunions are coming up. The next weekend might work. Time to look forward to sharing this homebrew with family and friends.

See you here tomorrow at the same time? We'll see.

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