Mobile phones and blogs don't mix and site updates...

Not sure if you noticed, but, I've been a bit absent around here. A couple reasons come to mind, but, one little sneaky one is this new mobile phone that lets me twitter, facebook, check email and well get distracted, however, its not really conducive to blogging. So here I am catching up and trying to mend my ways before my phone calls me.
  • Future Fermentation Fridays are filling up. Still need more hosts though :-)
  • Jason @ Brewing the Perfect Beer is our host for September
  • The schedule is updated too.
  • I even responded to a few comments.
Who knows, with the kids going back to school I might be getting up earlier and find myself sitting here like this more often. (cup 'o coffee, music and just enough time) Hey, stranger things have happened. Catch you on Twitter.

Twitter: BeerBits2

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