Local honey going in my beer.

A couple more than a few days ago my family ventured out to get some ice cream. You can get the stuff just about anywhere around here, but, we headed to a favorite place of ours, Milkyway Farms, home of Chester Springs Creamery. As we tended to our cones I noticed a little red wagon on the porch next to some crates. Looks like they sold out of the green peppers and the honey. Damn, that honey might have been interesting to brew with. Maybe I can pick some up another time.

Two days later my son and I made our way back from picking hops when I remembered the honey. The creamery wasn't even out of our way. So, we stopped in to find the little wagon loaded up with some honey. I grabbed two 8 oz. jars, a pepper and a dozen ears of corn, paid inside and buzzed down the road towards home.

As it turns out the Exton Bee Company collects this local honey. Hmmm...never heard of them. Haven't tasted the honey yet, but, I'll put it to good use...in a beer.


Bryan Kolesar said...

Iron Hill in Phoenixville used Exton Bee's honey in a saison last year...a very good use of it in a beer that turned out very nicely. They may be able to provide some additional notes for the homebrewer on incorporating it into your beer.


Adam said...

Thanks Bryan, I'll keep that in mind.

BTW I read this comment a while ago just didn't respond. I've been catching up on this blogging thing. My new phone is killing me. I'm all twitter and facebook...leaving the blog on the vine. Time to get back on the stick.