Fermentation Friday: July wrap up, the schedule and topic suggestions.

Lots of things happening around here, including the good and not so good. Suffice to say this economic downturn is affecting lots of people I know. So, I've been plodding on through days and nights trying to focus on taking in the good, like Ommegang's BCTC.

As the fresh air, drizzling rain, ringing guitar and conversations of the weekend fade something came to my attention. I didn't put together a BB2 Fermentation Friday post for July. Probably not a bad thing, really. Nice to know it has enough steam to power itself. Thanks Rob for hosting in July :-) Read the wrap up. Go read posts from fellow brewers. Leave 'em a comment.

Here is the tentative schedule for the next few months.
August: Matt
September: Jason
October: Travis

Gentlemen, let me know if that schedule works for you and we'll finalize the schedule.

I'm always looking for more hosts. Just drop me a comment.

Readers, if you have a topic you would like to suggest. I'm all ears :-)



I can do Aug. I just need to think if a topic. I'll have it soon.

Adam said...

Great! Thanks :-)

M. Randolph said...

Hey, we'd be happy to host one month. Have topic idea as well, can run by you here or on e-mail (to keep it a surprise), just let me know if you're interested.

travis said...

Sorry for the late comment - works very well for me (I need to get through Aug!)

Adam said...

Thanks everybody.

M. Randolf lets pencil you in for November :-)


Here is my topic for August. http://aworldofbrews.blogspot.com/2009/08/august-fermentation-friday-topic.html

Matt C.

Adam said...

Thanks! See you next Friday.