Tourist view on Thomas Jefferson's Monticello & Beer

"I am lately become a brewer for family use, having had the benefit of instruction to one of my people by an English brewer of the first order." Jefferson to Joseph Coppinger, April 25, 1815

Our visit to Thomas Jefferson's Monticello estate revealed a beer related exhibit.

While walking through the North (I believe) allweather passageway we came across a restored beer cellar.

(above photostitched images)

Interestingly enough wheat and corn substituted for barley as he did not grow barley. Also, I should note that there were probably hops growing in the garden, but, I didn't see them nor did I think to ask. I suppose the father in me suppressed the beer guy for once. Ghah!

You can read more on the subject in the article, Beer - Thomas Jefferson Encyclopedia. In this article it is noted that Jefferson referred to a book by Michael Combrune, The Theory and Practice of Brewing. (link to the text at The Internet Archive)


Alistair Reece said...

I am hoping to go to Monticello next week as Mrs V and I will finally have made our move to Charlottesville - thankfully she has a couple of weeks before starting her new job, so we should also be able to try out several of the local breweries and such like!

Adam said...

Try Blue Mountain brewery. Just 20 min down the road.

Welcome to the states. Look me up if you get to Pennsylvenia.