Never a truer work spoken about you! ;-) Yes, you.

Some fun for a Friday. Sent to me by Josh, that bastard. Lovely little piece on people like you (the beer bits 2 reader). An excerpt...

"The Beer Geek
The beer world equivalent of a Trekkie, this fan is forever making pilgrimages to far flung festivals and conventions, will belong to any number of beer associations (and wears the T-shirts to prove it) and has never had sex with a woman where there wasn’t money involved. Beards are common and they have a powerful fetish for steins. " Read the full article.

Not me of course, I'm just one of those normal beer bloggers on whom family members employ their active listening skills. "Uhuh, really, uhuh, of course...not to be rude, but, can we talk about something other than beer?" ;-)

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