Important information...or not you decide. (odds and ends)

What's happening?

  • I'm going to Begium to Comes to Cooperstown 2009. Picked up some VIP tickets last minute!
  • The two coil immersion chiller seems to work pretty well for summertime brewing. One coil in icewater, one coil in the wort, run tap water through cold side first. Less water used, but, had to buy bags of ice and required more equipment. I like that it used less water. By the way I try to reuse as much water as possible. Right now we use it for watering our plants :-)
  • Pickup tube in the 16 gal kettle worked OK. I added this so I can grab as much wort from the bottom of the kettle as possible without using a separate siphon. Flexilbe copper tubing was used with a stainless steel scrubber on the end as a screen. I realized I need to clamp the scrubber onto the tube somehow. Nice to empty the kettle by just opening the valve.
  • Hops at Gavin's are doing well. Some Japanese Beetles are appearing and eating leaves. Something he'll have to monitor.
  • Bought a Brew Hauler for lugging around those carboys. Work very nicely. I would recommend it.


  • Don't even ask about the brew basement.
  • Three tier system is next up. Need to start brewing all grain.
  • The three tier system will also serve another purpose. I'm interested in creating a brewing station that I can wheel out of my garage. Tired of all the bits and pieces scattered all over the place.
  • Hops drying racks.
  • Waiting to see how many hops we'll have at Gavin's.

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