Summertime brewing, beating the heat...

I'll be very direct since I'm pressed for time. Here's my June 2009 Fermentation Friday write up. With regard to fermentation temps...
  • temp controller in old fridge
  • I have a basement so its easier to find a cool place, but, not always good enough
  • wet towel or t-shirt over glass carboy (haven't done this since I got the temp controller)
  • choose styles that like the heat (haven't done this much, saison)
And then there's the chilling of the wort. Well summertime increases the time it takes an immersion chiller to chill the wort. This is due to the temp of the tap water. I've decided to build a chiller with two separate coils. One side gets immersed in ice cold water, the other in the wort. I have the coils, now I have to put it to good use. Less water wasted and less time spent.

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