New mash tun and some other stuff...

Yeah, I asked for some help and here I am not waiting and writing anyway. (shrug) Might as well go with it.

Windows open in the house. Southeastern Pennsylvania feels cooler if a bit humid tonight. Dogs deciding where to lay before I banish them to the sunroom for the night. Earlier my son pointed out the fireflies. I said, "Hey, there's a ton. That's the first time I've seen them this year." He replied in a matter of fact tone, "I've seen them a lot." Huh, I thought I was pretty observant. BTW brewed a beer called Firefly Lights ale last year around this time.

Its been at least a week now since I expanded my brewing vessel collection. Waiting for a time when I could take a picture of the new addition is proving strangely elusive. Enough waiting, a friend of mine, Dell, thought of me when he decided to expand his own system. Selling his mash tun would help finance a new, even bigger one. The offer included a 16 gal. Sabco mash tun with the false bottom screen and everything. I was quick to jump on the offer at a fair price. I hung up the phone jumped in the car and traversed the winding country roads. After a bit of homebrew talk we wrapped up the visit with a look at his oak barrel filled with brew and a selection of one of his homebrews, the worm wood wild ale I believe. I left smiling and happy to have this well cared for brewing vessel. Dell, can rest assured it will be put to good use.

Soon after arriving home and phoning a neighbor I found myself sipping this wonderfully grapefruity explosion of a beer with two neighbors. This isn't the hop bomb kind of explosion. Its more like drinking the perfect grapefruit. So it was, a happy ending to a night when the cloud cover reflected the suns orange pink luminous glow onto sheets of green foliage. I wonder how I missed those fireflies my son spoke of.

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