Fermentation Friday: We need hosts! Don't have a blog? No problem!

Brew Dudes will host in June, but, the schedule is empty after that. I'm calling on all homebrew bloggers and readers (that's right you don't need a blog). Don't be shy. I think we've demonstrated that we're interested in listening to all things beer and homebrew. I welcome one and all to give it a shot. Here is how it works.
  • email me or leave a comment saying you want to host
  • I'll add you to the schedule and let you know what month
  • pick a homebrew topic
  • announce your topic on your blog or find a blogger who will host it for you (my blog is available)
  • be clear about the topic, so we know what to write about
  • after its all done and/or during Fermentation Friday write a recap
So lets get some readers writing. Why should all the homebrew bloggers have all the fun. Do you wish you belonged to the inner circle of homebrew bloggers? Does the status and intrigue keep you tossing and turning at night? Well this is your chance and no there isn't any weird initiation ritual...yet.



Hi Adam,

I would be more then happy to host again if you need someone. I am pretty open so just let me know if you ever need me!


Jason said...

Adam, I'd be more than happy to host a ferm friday!


Adam said...

Thanks guys!

Keep 'em comin'.

Rob said...

I'd also be happy to do a second round of hosting. Just not in October, because then I'd be forced by laziness and inertia to do the same topic as last time.