Open thread: Beer Bits 2 readers speak up.

Yeah, lets talk about anything beer/homebrew related.

Did you hear about the hop crops in Germany being hit by hail storms? Glad Gavin and I planted so many hops this year.


Jason said...

My hops are going nuts this year. Second year Cascade and Centennial and both are HUGE!!! This time last year they were just coming out of the ground!!

I'd love to see some updated pics of the hop yard!


Jeremy said...

The hop plant you gave me is growing pretty well... probably about 4 ft high. Got half of an oak aged barrel from Ironhill and am going to transfer the plant to that and give it a bigger trellace. Jackie and I need to transfer her Imperial Wit from the secondary to the keg. Next up I am brewing a Raspberry Wheat.

Adam said...


Awesome! Happy to hear it. I will have some pictures within the week I bet. I was just up there tonight putting up the first cables. It will take a few weeks for the hops to really get big enough to look impressive since they are all first year plants. Gavin can start stringing them up tomorrow if he gets the chance.


Nice going on the barrel. Great idea. Just think you'll be able to brew with hops from that plant. Cool. Happy to hear you're gonna brew again. I can't wait to taste Jackie's beer. If I can help, let me know. I kegged my dubbel I made with the same yeast she used. So far so good. Actually I have to go check on it. Interested to see if there's any CO2 pressure building up from fermentation.