Fermentation Friday this Friday and possible topics...

I don't see the topic yet, but, I'm sure it is coming any day now ;-) Just in case he forgot go remind him.

Just in case he's looking for inspiration why don't we give him some topic suggestions. If they're not used this time we can carry them forward to future months. Off the top of my head...
  • all about late additions of malt extract
  • dry yeast vs liquid yeast
  • open fermentation vs closed
  • everybody blog about their last brew session
  • blog about your next brew session
  • local homebrew clubs
  • my favorite homebrew store (local or online)
  • permanent brewing structure/location vs. dragging the equipment out each time
  • Maybe we could use this Fermentation Friday to come up with topics?

Do you have any ideas for a topic? You can find past topics in this list of links.


Ted Danyluk said...

I apologize for the suspense. When I think too much about things like this, a major mental block happens. Thanks for the suggestions though.

I've been leaning towards some thing like...Is brewing an art or science for you? Tomorrow evening I will unveil the topic.

Adam said...

No apology necessary.

Trust me I know the feeling. Thanks for hosting this month :-)

Ted Danyluk said...

There you have it folks. Thank you for your patience.

Please visit my site for May's Fermentation Friday topic.