Country Wisdom and Know-How: Building Beer Making Equipment

Country Wisdom & Know-How (Amazon) started as a series of Country Wisdom Bulletins back in the 1970's. I saw this on Kevin Kelly's Cool Tools website and just had to get a copy.

Little did I know homebrew topics are covered. Here are the sections...
  • rolling carboy carrier
  • carboy stand
  • immersion wort chiller (basic and double)
  • counterflow chillers (pipe and hose versions)
  • mash tuns (picnic and water coolers as well as modified keg with false bottom)
  • kegging (kegging system, refurbishing used kegs, cleaning soda kegs, kegerator)
  • counter-pressure bottle filler
  • transferring liquid under pressure
  • three tier tower brewery stand
You'll find material lists and step by step instructions. I haven't used these instructions, but, they look pretty good. I'm familiar with using soda kegs and the instructions should be enough to get you going in the right direction. Credit is given to Karl F. Lutzan and Mark Stevens for writing. Randy Mosher for the illustrations.

In addition you'll find all you need to know to get started in cider making and wine making including recipes. Of course that's the point. You buy one book that can teach you how to make soap, wine, herbal remedies, homebrew equipment, breads, plant a garden, restore a hardwood floor and well you get the idea.

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