Brewed, tasted and hops trellis update...

Tried brewing a late extract addition beer today. You don't have to boil malt extract wort like you would boil the runnings from an all grain mash. The maltster (am I using that term correctly) already boiled it during their process.

So why did I do it? Three reasons;
  • hop utilization improved
  • less carmelization means lighter beer
  • something new
I put twenty percent in at boil and then the rest in with 15 minutes left to go. I'm hoping it will turn out. I used the Chimay yeast from the seven percent dark Belgian. The yeast cake had been sitting there for a week or two longer than I would like. Also the wort was a tad warm at 100 degrees. So, we'll see.

Remember that batch I split and used a different yeast for each portion. I used a Belgian, German hefe and an English ale. They all turned out pretty good. The hefe is the only one that is kinda so so. I just tasted the English ale and wow. What a tasty brew :-)

If the weather works out, I'll be working on the hopyard trellis system cabling tomorrow. You'll see the update here if I do. By the way do you pronounce hopyard like "hop" + "yard" or more like vineyard? Hmmmm...

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